SCSU V. U of Denver

The first night of the home series of SCSU Huskies versus The University of Denver Pioneers was highly anticipated as SCSU was ranked no. 1 in the nation just ahead of Denver. The atmosphere of created by the fans and the players was intensive. Not having been to too many hockey games, it was a bit difficult knowing what to look for, but I snapped a lot of shots and got a decent variety of interesting photographs.

Most of the shots comprised of close up or mid shots following the players across the rink. I did manage to get some wider shots of multiple players as well before the game, in between passes, and after the goals in celebration. Aside from the game, I did get a few shots consisting the crowd and the Huskies mascot Blizzard.

I used the DSLR Nikon D7100 again taking all pictures handheld.  In editing I used Adobe Photoshop Pro to caption and minimally edit the photos by cropping and adjusting the colors and brightness.


Ruby Cora Webster Ceremony

Ruby Cora Webster Hall had been nameless ever since the building reverted from the Herberger Business School name to simply Building 51 due to the school moving out of the building. As can be seen below, last fall, SCSU Professor Dr. Lehman put forth a petition to change a policy which did not allow building’s to be renamed in hopes of commemorating SCSU’s first African American graduate. Since then, the policy has been changed and the building has been renamed in honor of the first African American graduate, Ruby Cora Webster.

This video covers the background information of how the petition was started, the motivation in choosing Ruby Cora Webster, and who Ruby Cora Webster was.  In choice of interview shots, I followed the rule of thirds keeping the subject on  either the left or the right facing me towards the negative space getting medium shots. Aside from the interviews, I got a wider establishing photo of the building, close up shots of transcripts from Archival and the building name, and other various shots of the event ranging from medium to wide.

In creating this project, I an array of equipment. Starting with the camera, I a used Panasonic AG-UX90 which I shot the interviews in 1080p 59.97 which would be later reduced to 1080i 29.97. Lavaliere mics were used for the interviews where I simply use the shotgun mic for the event. Although I didn’t have appropriate time to use lighting for Dr. Lehman’s interview, I did use a one by one lighting kit to interview Tom Steman and Sue-Ellyn Rempel. For editing I used Adobe Premiere Pro. I had to adjust some audio levels, but concerning image, I did have to adjust color levels on some of the interviews and b-roll.

Homecoming Bonfire

Anticipating to see the homecoming bonfire, I was not sure what to expect for visuals, but I got an interesting mix of participants from students to faculty. The event kicked off at 6:00 P.M. with music from the band and performances from the cheerleaders. The fire department needed to approve of the weather conditions, so the fire started about a half hour in. The festivities also included speeches from St. Cloud State Husky teams’ coaches, smores, and socializing.

Capturing photographs, I focused on people. it was interesting to capturing the expressions of students, faculty, and coaches as they played their role in the event. I was lucky enough to capture some candid moments of my subjects with the exception of  a more appealingly staged photograph of the couple on their horses. For most of the shots I used a telephoto lens to capture closer detail of the subjects. It’s only in the overall shot of the crowd and unlit fire in which I used the wide lens. Most

I remained to use the Nikon D7100 for this project swapping between wide and telephoto lens. I used Adobe Photoshop Pro to adjust some color levels, brightness, and contrast.

All Around Downtown

Four Photos

Early in the semester, we were encouraged to shoot four photos of nature, campus life,  a building and a self portrait. Although I previously updated others, these are a little better.

Comm 352

Provided is a link from a separate class Comm 352,  Advertising/Public Relations. In this class We used Photoshop and and Dreamweaver to construct a website from scratch. It featured a nice mix of coding and more user friendly design tools. It features a few contact links, a link to my Vimeo page, some dummy links, and a link to another page describing some of my favorite film directors.


As my first blog post, I just want to say thank you for checking out my website. Blogs will include assignments that I have completed for my introductory mass communications class, Comm 240. This is just one of the pictures I messed around with in photoshop. I used the gaussian blur to give the flower a boca effect.